Marketing experiment expert for rent


  • Item description: One unit of intelligent being that will provide a marketing research using experiment method.
  • Item condition: New (optional: with box).
  • Material: Organic.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia.
  • Price: Approximately IDR 199 million per experiment (with maximum 200 participants).
  • Production time: Approximately 30 days.
  • Shipping: Free for Jakarta area (the delivery will use Blue Bird Taxi or TransJakarta). Shipping cost applies to national and international buyers (you may check shipping cost to your area or country on this website).
  • Delivery: Estimated 2 hours within Jakarta area, and maximum 48 hours for national or international address.
  • Payment: COD or    mandiri BCAKlikPaylogoPayPal_51x14CC_icons
  • Return policy: 60 days money back guarantee. Buyers must pay return shipping.


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Nothing more accurate as a basis of your strategic decision than a result from a crisp marketing experiment. Clarity and simplicity are the main strength of this method, and based on my experience will rarely let you down in term of the relevance and accuracy of the insights.

Whether you are a top level executive, a high rank government official, a prominent figure in the society, a rising politician, or a popular artist, you need someone who expert in marketing experiment.

I’m offering a high level of professional service on marketing experiment (that includes any experiment related to the intervention toward people’s perception on ‘you and what you do’).

Contact me on +62 813-8113-0531 for more information.